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GOB led screen technology can add value to display applications

Time:2023-07-06 Views:10
From the perspective of traditional SMD technology, the stock market of its products is currently approaching saturation, and new development increments are difficult to emerge. However, from the perspective of emerging representative COB technology, there are generally fewer entry manufacturers, and they are in a stage where the concept is greater than the reality. There is still a certain distance between the specific effects and market expectations. This pattern gives more development opportunities to the progressive GOB technology: GOB and SMD, IMD, and MIP come down in one continuous line and reach the same goal by different routes. Through the complementary integration between the two technology paths, GOB can maximize the "take its essence and discard its dregs", which is an option for promoting the scale process of the micro spacing display technology industry. Taking the combination of GOB technology and MIP technology as an example. Recently, in the field of Micro LED, MIP technology has been continuously valued, and the combination of GOB and it has strengthened protection and display effects, which can be said to be in line with the industry development trend. While increasing the exploration of high-end LED products in the industry, chip, packaging, and display screen manufacturers have made technological breakthroughs. Combining with GOB led screen technology can add value to display applications with point spacing below P1.0, innovate the existing micro spacing display technology landscape, and fully radiate their own light and value.
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