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GOB LED wallto the next level

Time:2023-05-15 Views:16
The continuous development of the small pitch LED display screen market has taken GOB led wall technology to the next level, and as a result, GOB products have demonstrated their skills in indoor meeting scenes and outdoor harsh environments. In addition, with the disappearance of the epidemic, new infrastructure construction, smart cities, etc. will also gradually recover, which also means that the construction in 5G infrastructure, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial internet of things, ultra-high voltage, new energy vehicle charging piles, intercity high-speed railway, urban rail transit and other fields, combined with GOB technology, small spacing products will gain more development space. With the strong power of small spacing LED display development, It can be foreseen that GOB technology will face more development opportunities in the future market.
Strongest substitution for low-cost promotion of small spacing development
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