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High-end Rental Stage Screen

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A) Solution features:

1) Brightness adjustment technology with lossless gray scale and wonderful color expression.

2) High contrast, consistent white balance, good color uniformity, high definition, which can meet the requirement of live broadcast.

3) High refresh rate to completely eliminate the scan line, which can satisfy the needs of the stage shooting.

4) Front and back maintenance by magnetic design, which realise on-site quick maintenance.

5) Equipped with portable back frame, which can be assembled in any way to meet the onsite requirements.

6) Equipped with the auto-adaptive adjustable hanging beams to meet the needs of the scene hoisting.

7) Support live broadcasting of large, clear and vivid images by professional audio and video processing system, which breaks the restriction from the seats, makes long-distance viewing easier,and provides audience the immersive feast.

B) Applications:

Mainly used in high-end entertainment venues, theme parks, bars, discos, auditorium, theaters, large party, fashion show, video studio, etc.

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